FileMaker Web Seminar Series

Title:  FileMaker in Hollywood

Lights, camera, action! Throughout the filmmaking and television industry, entertainment professionals rely on custom apps created using the FileMaker Platform. The agility, mobility, and ease of use make FileMaker software one of best choices in Hollywood for handling vast amounts of production details, locating assets like costumes, sets, and equipment, tracking script revisions, and even for managing scenes and takes. From small film festival management to multi-million dollar projects, the FileMaker Platform enables the creative process from idea inception through final production. Join us for a 30-minute presentation led by Cris Ippolite from iSolutions, a Los Angeles-based FileMaker custom app developer whose practice caters to the film and television industry. You’ll learn how custom apps are the entertainment industry’s best-kept secret for project management, digital asset organization, budget tracking, and much more!

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