Custom apps for research teams.

Custom apps built on the FileMaker Platform serve research teams around the globe every day. From aquatic laboratories in the Arctic to cancer research centers in the United Kingdom, custom apps are helping researchers modernize recordkeeping, analyze complex data sets, manage inventory and more.

Build powerful research tools tailored to the way you work.

For research teams, unique data sets and methodologies are commonplace. The FileMaker Platform makes it easier to rapidly design and build custom apps to support your team’s existing process. 

Better workflow equals faster progress. And greater accuracy.

Use your custom app to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Manage inventory
  • Generate, print, and scan barcodes
  • Run analysis of complex data sets
  • Produce and store sophisticated results
  • Record data
  • Query data
  • Collect and store multimedia assets
  • Trace user activity
  • View updates to data in real time from any device
  • Modernize recordkeeping
  • Introduce standardization in responses

Why the FileMaker Platform?

Research teams choose FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, because of its stability over a more than 30-year history, its scalability for teams ranging from five users to 500 and its ease of implementation.

Researchers can quickly learn the FileMaker Platform using the free Custom App Academy. Custom apps built on the FileMaker Platform work seamlessly across iPhone and iPad devices, Windows, Mac, and the Web.

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