Custom apps in action.

See how research teams around the world are using their custom apps to centralize scattered information, automate processes, and unlock efficiency gains.

ALS patient creates custom app to help research scientists find cure for fatal disease.

New custom app empowers research teams around the globe to capture and study more than 80 daily data points for ALS progression analysis.

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I’ve always been someone who wanted to control my own destiny. I knew that an ALS-progression app could empower research teams with the data they need to conduct more effective clinical trials.

- Steph Courdin, CEO at the ALS Never Surrender Foundation

Forensic laboratory charts course away from sea of spreadsheets.

More than 100 research scientists at the Mote Environmental Laboratory for Forensics use their custom apps to advance marine conservation in the Arctic.

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Archaeologists at Jericho uncover the benefits of a custom app.

With handheld picks, trowels and tape measures, archaeologists have unearthed the past. Yet ironically, many findings have remained buried - trapped on paper records in dusty basements, largely inaccessible to other researchers. But today, archaeologists at high profile digs are capturing details of their discoveries in the field and bringing them to light using custom apps.

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One of the most powerful benefits of using the FileMaker Platform is that it’s so streamlined and both user and developer friendly. It helps us to develop and maintain large, powerful apps quickly, with a small staff.

- Gary Stanley Ph.D., executive director at The Gorilla Foundation

Animal communication and behavior studied using custom app built on FileMaker Platform.

The Gorilla Foundation uses their custom app to store and archive multimedia data gathered through their interspecies communications research and care efforts.

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