FileMaker Web Seminar Series

Title:  Best Practices for Migrating to FileMaker 12

Thinking about upgrading to FileMaker Pro 12? Maybe you already own FileMaker Pro 12, but haven't moved yet? Converting your existing database to the new file format is easy, and let's you take advantage of the many new features in FileMaker 12: new design tools, creating and sharing iPad and iPhone databases with FileMaker Go 12, and many more. For most customers, migrating databases is as easy as dragging and dropping, but we will share tips and tricks that can aid anyone interested in moving to FileMaker 12. Join us for a one-hour presentation with David Head, Systems Engineer for Australia/Asia Pacific, FileMaker, Inc., who will cover best practices for migrating your files to FileMaker Pro 12. You'll learn how to prepare for your conversion, the easy steps required, and what to do after your files are converted.

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