FileMaker Web Seminar Series

Title:  FileMaker Go in Business: Lee Medical

While U.S. hospital-acquired infections are on the rise, the prognosis is good in one important area: bloodstream infections. These are often caused by mismanagement of IV catheters in patients' veins and by poor catheter insertion. Fortunately, contract vascular access specialists Lee Medical, along with help from FileMaker Go, now drive down the troubling frequency and cost of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) through their highly successful VAST® solution. Lee Medical is also able to meet stringent healthcare security standards with the use of FileMaker Go on iPads. FileMaker Go is the best-selling business database app for iPad and iPhone and is part of many custom solutions for businesses around the world. Join us for an informative real world look at how FileMaker Go helps Lee Medical save millions of healthcare dollars and improve patient outcomes by reducing blood stream infection rates through the use of real time surveillance.

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