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Common questions asked by FileMaker trial downloaders:

What are the top things people use FileMaker for?

Contact management, inventory and asset tracking, order processing, data collection, project management, and resource scheduling, asset management, and mobile data collection.

I'm currently using Excel to manage my information, can I import my data into FileMaker Pro?

Yes. Simply drag and drop your Excel spreadsheets onto FileMaker Pro to instantly import your data and create a FileMaker business solution. Once your data is imported, you can create custom views of your data in different layouts including table, list, and forms. Plus you can store and manage all types of information — images, PDFs, documents, videos, presentations, and more.

I’ve been looking on the App Store for an app that will help me manage my business, but I don't see anything that meets my specific needs. Can I use FileMaker Pro to create my own solution that will run on my iPad, iPhone and desktop?

Yes, FileMaker Pro allows you to quickly create a customized solution on your desktop, and then deploy and use that solution on your iPad or iPhone.

Can I replace my current paper based system with a FileMaker solution?

Yes. FileMaker allows you to easily convert from using paper-based processes to fully-functional solutions and forms that allow easy—and accurate—data collection, data validation, document management, digital workflow, centralized reporting, and information sharing. And, replacing your paper based systems with a FileMaker solution allows information to be updated instantly.

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