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Common questions asked by FileMaker trial downloaders:

We currently use Excel to manage our data, how do we get that information into FileMaker?

Simply drag and drop your Excel spreadsheets onto FileMaker Pro to instantly import your data and create FileMaker business solutions. Once your data is imported, you can create custom views, store and manage all types of information, produce reports, connect related data, and create live two-way connections with external SQL data sources.

I've been looking for apps that our team can use, but can't find any that do exactly what we want. Can FileMaker be used to create custom iOS solutions?

Yes. You can create custom FileMaker solutions for use on iPads and iPhones which differ significantly from most apps. Apps are generally focused on a single task and are unable to be modified. FileMaker solutions can be tailored to your specific business needs, shared by teams, integrate with existing business systems, and meet industry-standard.

Is FileMaker secure?

The FileMaker Platform provides a complete suite of tools to help you control data access, manage operations and development within a FileMaker solution, and enable you to help meet auditing and regulatory compliance requirements, even in shared environments.

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