Webinar: Transform Your Services Business - a FileMaker Custom App Story

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Are the most important people in your business out in the field with your customers? Do you waste time emailing, calling, and texting to keep track of where your people are and what they’re doing? Are you frustrated by illegible forms, lost photos, misplaced contracts and hours spent searching for missing information? Meet Apple subsidiary - FileMaker, Inc. Our app development platform enables companies like yours to build custom apps that end the need for paper, provide real-time tracking, and connect people in the field to each other and headquarters. Join us for a fascinating 60 minute look at how one forward thinking Australian business used FileMaker to solve their problems and get ahead. We’ll be featuring Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance member Craig Saunders of Digital Fusion, and the business owner Keith Kimmins of 2K Container Services. You'll see how custom apps can solve your business challenges, improve your team’s performance, and satisfy your customers!